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The on-demand, cloud-based MultiScale Hive Platform (PaaS), extends your existing healthcare data infrastructure to usher in a new level of simplification and co-creation. With deployment measured in days-to-weeks, you can rapidly unleash cost-saving innovation with minimal impact to existing systems.

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Real-time, At-Scale, Cloud Access

99.99% of EHR source data is uniquely captured to ensure no missing data or blind spots. Legal, compliant, and real-time cloud access is provided safely and securely.

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Unlock Data to Co-Create

Built in ease-of-use features help your developers build  apps that put the embedded AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to work to unlock big health data insights. Safely share approved data with trusted partners to further scale and innovate.

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ROI Positive

Replacing data analysis requests and waits with single interface access to as-it-happens EHR data, removes data silos and empowers operational teams to see, find and create instant time-savings efficiencies.



Year-to-Date Reductions for MultiScale Hive Launched Sites


ED Length of Stay

Why does Emergency Department (ED) length of stay (LOS) matter?
ED overcrowding is a serious concern and can be associated with poor clinical quality, decreased patient satisfaction and increased cost.

ED LOS is used as an ED performance indicator. Decreasing ED LOS creates capacity to see more patients and can also lead to a decrease in LWBS among other benefits.

ED Left Without Being Seen

Left without being seen (LWBS) is commonly used as a quality and performance indicator in Emergency departments. While many factors can contribute to patients leaving before been seen by a provider, one common factor is long wait times associated with ED overcrowding.



Solutions/Care Efficiency

Empowered Care Choices

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In everyday life, technology has put knowledge at our fingertips, transforming how we shop, research and order. It saves time and reduces friction. The MultiScale Hive solution uses these same principles to transform EHR data from a system-of-record, into a game-changing, operational empowerment tool. By replacing time wasted searching and waiting for critical data,  as-it-happens, actionable EHR data is instantly available to caregivers when it is needed.

Data, As-You-Work

EHR operational and care data available as-it-happens, when and where it is needed it, so care decisions can be modified and operations streamlined.

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On-Demand Analytics

AI, machine learning and predictive analytics are applied to EHR clinical and operational data to derive patterns to instantly understand and act on care impacts.

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Collaborate in Real-Time

Liberate caregivers with as-it-happens operational intelligence across operations. Empower teams to drive true health system transformation with access to real-time feedback loops, action plans and knowledge about what is and isn’t working.


Redefine Care Collaboration

Incubated with healthcare providers and born of collaborative thinking, MultiScale Health Networks transforms how clinicians use patient data. It starts with leveraging  EHR data to create on-demand, operational intelligence to empower on-the-spot caregiving choices. This helps caregivers engage and collaborate more, with less effort, so care is delivered the way they always imagined-- safer, smarter, and faster. 


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