A Vision Ignited by You


Our Story

Born from customer-first thinking

  • Transformation Experience: MultiScale executives helped usher in the early, personal empowerment era with technology that enabled Amazon and Tableau to transform how we shop, purchase and work with data.

  • Innovative Roots: Founded in 2012, MultiScale is a joint venture between industry powerhouses Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH), one of the largest non-for-profit health systems in the US, Johnson & Johnson, and Sabey Healthcare Holdings, which encompasses high performance data centers, healthcare & life science research and communications.

  • Aligned: As a tech company launched inside of a health system, MultiScale is aligned with health systems needs, and uses this unique position to build first-in-class technology solutions that enable the transformation of healthcare by healthcare.

  • Your Turn, Your Way, Your Time: MultiScale empowers caregivers to deliver care the way they always imagined. It starts by democratizing access to health data and securely socializing it across care operations and select partners. This ignites collaboration, decision making and innovation so that care can be delivered safer, smarter and faster.

Innovating Together

We work side-by-side with caregivers. This inspires how we address problems. The most consistent request we hear? “Give us operationally relevant, real-time EHR data so we know when and how to intervene quickly and accurately.”  This fueled these innovations:

  • 1st in the Cloud: The Hive platform is the only healthcare industry solution to lift the health data of a major health system into a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud, and integrate multiple EHR instances into a single service.

  • 1st EHR Clinical Communication & Collaboration App: Hive apps are the first to enable caregivers to transform and streamline care operations--as care is delivered--by providing caregivers streaming access to as-it-happens, retrospective, and predictive care data.

  • Proven in Use: Although we’re just getting started, MultiScale is already in use and enabling clinical communication and collaboration in 35 PSJH hospitals, across five regions. A Hive app designed for the ED has reduced ED length of stay by 33% and reduced ED patients without being seen by 26%.

Providence Saint John’s Health Center went live with MultiScale in November 2017, and we have found Hive to be instrumental in identifying opportunities for improvement in our quest for prompt patient throughput. The Hive ED app provides a quick visual of key metrics in color, which prompts pre-established actions by key stakeholders when delays are identified. We are still learning how best to use the analytics portion of MultiScale to fully have an impact on throughput but have been very pleased with the product. We’ve also discussed its potential applicability in other areas of the hospital.
— Lynne Voskamp, DNP, RN, CEN