Listening-based Innovation

From its inception MultiScale solutions have been tested, refined and perfected in real-world clinical settings at PSJH, the nation’s fourth largest not-for-profit health delivery system. Working side-by-side with caregivers, inspires how we address the real-world problems creating care process friction. The most consistent request we hear? “Give us operationally relevant, real-time EHR data so we know when and how to intervene quickly and accurately.”

Active listening has inspired these innovative approaches:


The first solution to lift the health data of a billion dollar-plus health system into a HIPAA-compliant, Google cloud, including integrating multiple EHR instances into a single service


Unleashing health system innovation by enabling an easy way to build their own apps with the highly secure, self-service HIVE platform

Ubiquitous Data@3x.png

Providing market channel expansion opportunities by opening real-time access to healthcare data to 3rd parties in a compliant, legal, accessible, safe and secure manner (CLASS)