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Meet Enos, MultiScale’s mascot and the embodiment of our core value.

Why a ram?


It can happen any time and often. But, just as in nature, there is an order to it and done with respect. It’s about ideas. The strongest, best ideas prevail for the betterment of the customer experience.

This is where the world’s most talented data innovators and healthcare thought leaders are working together to shape a new future for healthcare.  Our developers tap into data updates from legacy electronic health records (EHR), and, using the cloud technology ecosystem, open the data for analysis, machine learning, AI and application specific enhancements -- all in real time.  We work together and directly with clients, partners, nurses and doctors to unleash innovative new ways to empower care providers by changing how they use EHR data. This makes health data easier to use, easier to interact with, easier to understand, and easier to communicate about.

If you use your humility and strength to actively listen and collaborate—and are passionate about the opportunity to use technology to innovate and transform healthcare, please explore our open positions.