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MultiScale Hive Features

Data dependencies cause friction. They lead to slow downs, miscommunications and teams that aren’t in sync. These inefficiencies impact throughput, patient care, satisfaction and costs. MultiScale Hive provides new EHR data access and transparency across operations. Unleashing care communication and collaboration across operations. With Hive you can deliver care the way you always imagined.

  • Enhances EHR Data: Provides real-time access to critical patient data and identifies predictive patterns and trends.

  • Data Transparency: Access to the same data, at the same time, across operations, removes silos and unifies care team coordination and decision-making.

  • On-Demand Analytics: Real-time and proactive insights empower caregivers with the knowledge needed to modify care decisions and streamline operations on the spot.

  • Redefines Ease-of-Use: Provides tools that serve caregivers, so they can focus on delivering safer, smarter and faster care.

  • Drive Innovation: The cloud-based, health data, co-creation platform enables health systems “build apps”, radically changing how clinical and operational problems are solved and expand markets by providing real-time EHR health data access to 3rd parties in a compliant, legal, accessible, safe and secure manner (CLASS).

The Hive ED app was exactly what we were looking for. Now our staff has immediate data on wait times across the whole spectrum of the patient experience. We can now make immediate decisions about how to fix bottlenecks while they are happening. Our throughput metrics are improving, and patients are much happier. MultiScale is helping us focus on the right things, at the right time.
— Marcel Loh, Chief Executive, Saint John’s Medical Center

MultiScale Hive Apps

The first Hive app was designed to solve Emergency Department efficiency challenges. It extracts, aggregates and optimizes critical operational intelligence from the EHR and transparently shares patient data in near-real-time across care operations.

Operationally-Engage Teams: Multi-disciplinary teams gain access to the operational intelligence needed to instantly understand care impacts and act on bottlenecks, delays, and staffing issues.

Data when you need it: No more waiting hours or days for critical data. Dashboards and predictive metrics provide the information needed for real-time decision making. Providers are satisfied, patients are happier, outcomes improve.

Communicate and Collaborate: Care teams can work together to align, affect and measure change within broader health system operations, becoming catalysts to drive real healthcare transformation.

  Care information is securely socialized across operations, as-it-happens.

Care information is securely socialized across operations, as-it-happens.

MultiScale Hive Platform

An On-Demand, Cloud-based, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

The Hive platform extends and transforms existing healthcare data into a safe, HIPAA-compliant cloud. When HIve apps are connected to the Hive platform, caregivers have streaming access to the critical EHR and operational intelligence they need, as they work. Hive is ushering in a new era of caregiver communication and collaboration. It is paving the way for health systems to build real-time operations, with minimal impact to existing systems. Google Cloud case study.

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Multiscale Hive Platform


Unlimited instances of EHRs are captured

See what you need to fix in real-time, as-it-happens


One secure cloud platform is created

All your data is connected in one source (Hive Platform)


Hive data is reorganized to enable modern app development

Create feedback loops you can act on


Take immediate clinical action based on data

Access as-it-happens data and build reports on-demand

Learn how to get real-time connected in two minutes.